Moonlight V Palette Knife Painting

It is has been a bit since my last post. Life has just been crazy that way. Anyway, presenting Moonlight V!! Moonlight V in the moonlight series was done using palette knives and paint brushes.  I enjoyed painting this one as I do all my moonlight ones.  This is done on a 8×7 canvas board … More

“Palette Knife Fun” Abstract Art

I call this one Palette Knife Fun because that is exactly what I was doing while creating this piece . . . just having fun with my palette knives. I so love to use my palette knives to create and experiment with. I do not even know what I will come up with in the … More

“Color Fun” Abstract Painting

This piece was done just having fun with different colors and a palette knife.  I used acrylic paints and a palette knife to create this piece and these great testures.  It uses lots of great colors and would brighten any space!!  This is a smaller piece as it is a 5×7 canvas board. $65

“I Am Melting” Abstract Art

I am Melting was done using a decorative palette knives. Painting with Palette knives is one of my favorite was to create a new piece of art. I am always learning and coming up with new ways to use them to create art. This piece was done with a bright green color, red and white. … More

“Evening Time” Abstract Art

Evening Time was created using palette knives on an 8×10 canvas board with acrylic paint. I enjoy painting sunset scenery very much, they make me remember good times and having good positive feelings about. I have spent many nights camping in my life and watching the sunset with my family was always one of the … More

“God is Greater Than …” Abstract Art

God is Greater than our hills and valleys! God is Greater than all things! I love this piece. This piece was a lot of fun to create. I used a sponge to create all the polka dots. The symbols are done in Gold and it is done on a lovely purple background. This piece speaks … More

“Clamor On Canvas” Abstract Art

This piece has a lot going on. There are a lot of different colors and textures used in this piece. I used palette knives, brushes and sponges to create this piece. It has been done on an 8×10 canvas board using acrylic paint. To me it is a very busy piece and almost confusing feeling. … More

“The Battle Within” Abstract Art (Not For Sale)

This piece is part of my private collection and is very important to me. This piece is a representation of the battle that goes on inside of every single person who is a follower of Jesus . . . The battle between Jesus and Satan to win us over. Some of us struggle with this … More

“Metallic’s In Space” Abstract Art

This abstract piece was created using shades of blue paint for the background and then I used metallic paints to create the added spots of color. I was going for the look of space in the beginning and it did not go the way I wanted to begin with. As I worked on this piece … More

“In Memory Of” Acrylic Art

My Daddy’s birthday is coming up on July 12th and I thought this was the appropriate time to share these 2 pieces. Both of these pieces where created for a very special reason . . . In memory of my daddy who passed away in April of 2019. The one done in the night time … More


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